TheJeepHunter: a Jeep Thing found in Sarasota Florida

So the Jeep Hunter crew as out and about at the Goodwill in Sarasota, Florida looking for a chair for a project when we came up on this cool black and blue Jeep. First thing we noticed was the windshield deceleration “Its a Jeep thing you wouldn’t understand”, but hey we do understand. So much so, that we have to point out that statement.

The first thing we noticed was the blue grille insets. The cool honeycomb look of the inserts contrasted with the gloss black make for a stunning look. Add the accents of the graphics on the hood and it has a nice even look. The front number was cool with extra lights to replace the removed fog lights. On the side are some pretty cool side rails with custom steps for each door. Add a custom fuel door and it is probably the nicest semi customized Jeep that is mostly stock that we have seen in Sarasota. Well that may not be saying much.

Well keep hunting for great Jeeps on the road and bring them to you when we can.

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