See What the Jeep Hunter Turned Up this October 2015

We here are Jeep Hunter maniacs and look all around for Jeeps. We are not affiliated with Jeep, we only act as a Jeep Hunter similar to someone who goes out and looks for other things. We dont gather we look and photograph.

So what did we find in the last few days. Well mostly Jeep Wranglers, and not much else. But hey since they make up the bulk of Jeeps nowadays that people fix up this is to be expected. So lets get to hunting and see what we have found.

Well this is a 2 door black Jeep Wrangler JK that is mostly stock. But it has the top down in sunny weather so it cant be all bad. The good thing about an area that is sunny all year is having a soft top. This allows you to easily put the top up and down. The freedom top is nice on the hard tops but you cannot just remove the rear top at will.

This is a Jeep Wrangler YJ with a huge bumper on the front. We have seen this Jeep before and only got pictures of the outside. This time we have some photos of the inside and some closer up photos. The only reason I remember this Jeep was because of that front bumper, you jut cant miss it.

This Jeep Wrangler TJ is nicely built out with custom wheels and tires, a built out bumper with winch and guard and a light bar on top. It has a lift on it, probably from Rough Country and side bars with a step on it. It is clean and nice, good job on this one.

This older Jeep Wrangler in black has custom flares, with tires and wheels. While it is not in the greatest of shape it is a Jeep that most people would love to have.

And finally we have photos of three Jeeps that we found just out an about but didn’t have enough time to take more. The first photo is of a nice Jeep Wrangler TJ that is mostly stock. It is super clean and in great condition. The middle photo was of the Jeep Wranglers above, three Wranglers in a row. And finally there is a photo of the same Jeep TJ above but in another place. I guess this person gets around as well.

So there you are just going out and finding Jeeps is what a Jeep Hunter will do, so if you are out and about and find a great Jeep then let us know. Upload them on our Jeep Hunter Facebook page.

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