Jeep FSJ and J-Series 1963-1991

The FSJ and J-Series or full-size Cherokee (1974-1983), Wagoneer (1963-1983), Grand Wagoneer (1984-1991), and J-truck (1963-1987). In 1984, Jeep introduced the down-sized XJ and started calling them Cherokees and Wagoneers, leaving only the Grand Wagoneer in the SJ lineup until its demise in 1991.

Who knows if this was one of the first SUV models but it was a cool wagon. I remember in California a lot of people converted them into surf wagons. But alas they were to big and bulky and couldn’t survive the cut of gas guzzlers of the 1970s. But now if you can get your hands on one it is a rare classic.

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