Jeep Hunter Sees A Bunch Of Jeeps Out in the World

So we have been busy over the last few weeks and have not had much time to do some updates. But as you can see we didn’t stop collecting photos of Jeeps out there in the world. So as we were out and about we found these great Jeeps and want to share them with you. As you know the Jeep Hunter is always looking for great Jeeps to shoot.

First up is a Silver Grand Cherokee WJ we found in a store parking lot. It is mostly stock but we always love the lines and styling of this Jeep. Built during the years of 1999-2004 you can see how much this was an upgrade over the ZJ before it. Add some bigger tires and a lift and you have a very capable and stylish off-road vehicle.

Silver Grand Cherokee WJ Front View Silver Grand Cherokee WJ Side View

Next up is a couple photos of a Jeep Commander in red. These are very boxy Jeeps that have a unique look to them. With their big headlights and box style they look like a puffed up Cherokee XJ. Not a lot of people upgrade these but I have seen a few. They are mostly grocery getters.

Red Commander Side View Red Commander front view

And finally in apartment complex we found a silver Patriot and a black newer Grand Cherokee WK. One is a luxurious SUV and the other another boxy Jeep. The Grand Cherokee WK was a great entry into the luxury SUV market. It offered a capable power plant, with an interior and other features to rival most other luxury SUVs. The Patriot is one of those Jeeps that make you wonder what they were thinking. But they built it and it hasn’t been a huge seller.

A Black Grand Cherokee WK Model Silver Patriot Jeep Model

So there you have it, a smattering of cool Jeeps that are just normal Jeeps owned by normal Jeepers. Nothing special and no huge build outs, just good clean and fun Jeep models.

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