Jeep Hunter Finds Three Cool Jeeps in Florida XJ TJ JK

So we at AskAJeeper and the Jeep Hunter were out an about in Florida gulf side area and saw these three Jeeps just sitting in various parking lots so we took some shots. Sometimes it is hard to get shots because for some reason people dont like their Jeep shown off. But we caught these and want to share them with you because they are all cool in their own way. We found a purple Jeep Cherokee XJ, a Yellow Wrangler TJ, and a Pink Wrangler JK. These are all owners of Jeeps that have some pride in their vehicle.

First one we saw was a Pink Wrangler JK that was in a favorite pet store parking lot. It was cool because it was a color you dont often see so it was some custom work done on it.

Some things we like about this Jeep JK is that it looks like a Plastidip complete car covering. We like the light bar as it is close to the same one we have. The Jeep has some nice rims, the side rails look custom, and the hinges are blacked out which gives it a stark contrast to the pink coloring of the Jeep. This is a soft top version of the Wrangler JK 4 door and also has a custom fuel door. It also has come custom paint on the front grille, and bumper. All in all this doesn’t remind me to much of the Barbie Jeep it reminds me of a girl who know how to customize a Jeep.

Next on the list of our XJ TJ JK trifecta is a cool little purple XJ Cherokee that is kind of stock with no lift.

The thing I like about this Cherokee XJ is that it is very clean. Despite the purple paint job it exhibits mostly everything stock but it is in great shape. You cant find that many of these around and if I had my way if it came up for sale I would look at snagging this bad boy. Think of the potential and all the things you could add to this Jeep XJ to make it look very cool.

The last Jeep on our XJ TJ JK trio is a little yellow Jeep Wrangler TJ. While mostly stock this Wrangler TJ is a cool little gem in the middle of Florida.

What I like about this Jeep Wrangler TJ is that it is very clean. The yellow and black make it look like a bumble bee in a simple sort of way. The rims are sleek and yet classic. And the hard top makes it perfect for protection of the harsh sun and violent rain on any given day in Florida. I was kind of envious when I saw this little gem and I wanted to get a better look at it but there were to many disapproving eyes around that prevented us from getting a better look.

So here we are at ASKAJEEPER with our XJ TJ JK look at three fun Jeeps and as you know the Jeep Hunter team will always be on the hunt for Jeeps in whatever manner they may come in. Till next time keep Jeepin.

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  • August 8, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    I also like the pink Jeep it reminds me of a nice pink Flamingo standing out right there in Florida.

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