Jeep Hunter Eats at Yoders and Finds Jeeps in Sarasota and Bradenton

So we gotta eat right? So at the Jeep Hunter we go out and look for Jeeps then we take a moment to stop and eat at some of the fun restaurants in the area. Yoders is on, Diners Drive-In and Dives TV show, it is an Amish restaurant known for the HUGE portions and their Pies and Fried Chicken. So we stopped in to get some of the chicken and see how it is.

Check out the size of that peice of fried chicken! And that is the small size. It was so good, juicy and with the two sides way more than I could eat. And again that was the small size. Everything there is so good, I want to try the meatloaf next time it is the size of a brick. So after that we left, Sarasota and started to find some Jeeps. We passed the controversial Kissing Statue and started to look for any Jeeps we could fine.


We found this 4 door JK soft top in another restaurant parking lot. It was mostly stock with some aggressive treads and fun stickers. We like the color though and the soft top is easier to use in the Florida weather than the hard top. But other than a couple of mods there was not much else to look at. So we moved on…

Jeep Liberty in Red

So this red Jeep Liberty was near the beach area and it was decked out with a roof rack and accessories to carry stuff to the beach. This person obviously goes to the beach a lot and has made his Jeep unique to the lifestyle he or she leads. We love this, when people make their Jeeps all their own by putting things on it just for them.

The Pretender to Jeeps

And then what did we see just behind the red Liberty was the pretender to Jeeps all around the world. There has been a long and on going feud with Hummer and Jeep owners. One things the other is the pretender and the battle becomes fierce. But you know as a Jeep owner where we stand.

Jeeps at the Beach

There we are parking at the beach, enjoying the waves, sun, and weather. We love to go down to Anna Maria Island and park where we can and go out on the beach. It is a respite from the day to day grind of the world.

And finally we came across our favorite Pink Lady again. Jeeps in fun colors, are just super fun! This one is no exception. This time we spent a little more time and took some more photos of it. As you can see it sports some custom wheels and tires all the way around even the spare. It is a soft top which is normal around this area. It has a custom PINK paint job that is in every stop it should be like a Sahara model. The custom light bar holds a 50 inch LED light bar.

The custom nerf bars are cool where the holes in them give it a unique custom look. Black hinges are a nice look along with all the other pieces on the Jeep that are blacked out. Maybe the next time we look at this Jeep we will get a peek on the inside. See if it is pink in there to.

Well we will continue to hunt for cool Jeeps, and try and eat at some more fun restaurants. Till next time keep Jeepin and if you have any questions please AskAJeeper and they just might have an answer for you.

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